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About Masterpiece Desserts

Culinary artist and confectioner Kenneth D. Brooks Jr. serves as founder and CEO of Masterpiece Desserts. He was born into a traveling military family in San Bernardino, California, and raised between Houston, Texas, and Washington District of Columbia. Growing up, Kenneth always dreamed of becoming a doctor. As a result, he participated in many activities such as playing on the football team, singing in the church, and school choirs to stay active and work towards that dream. Making sure he stayed involved, Kenneth worked part-time jobs throughout his high school career to prepare for college.​

After that life-changing event, Kenneth continued working in the field of neurology full-time until December 30, 2017. At that point, it had become clear that it was time to take the business to the next level and begin using his gifts to touch others. Masterpiece Desserts is on its way to unseen heights because of Kenneth's excellent customer care and genuine love for serving others.

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